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I feel like I haven’t been doing much traveling lately, which isn’t really true, as I’ve only came back from Edinburgh a bit more than a month ago. But having a trip out on the horizon to look forward to becomes like an addiction, I won’t be the first one to admit that. This wave of wanderlust is also one of the reasons why I’ve been scrolling through old photo albums a lot, whenever I had the time to do so. Since I’ve been traveling to Asia on numerous occasions in the past 2 or 3 years, I’ve decided to make a list of  my favorite Asian places I’ve been lucky enough to visit thus far.

6. Chiang Mai (area), Thailand

To tell the truth, I don’t remember in detail what Chiang Mai really looked like, as at that time, I was only 11 years old (I had to dug up pretty deep to even find the photos). However, the parts I do remember I can picture in my head so vividly as if it was yesterday. What’s there not to like, when it comes to feeding and riding the elephants through the jungle? Or going on a day-long treks, admiring surrounding landscapes and sleeping in a hut in the middle of nowhere. The city itself was also quite nice. Again, I don’t know how much it’s changed in the past 12 years but I’m pretty sure some of the things stayed the same.


5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

As most travelers, I came here to visit the Angkor temples, which are located only a few km outside the city centre. Seeing Ankor Wat was on my list for the longest time, probably ever since it appeared in Tomb Raider movie. But eventhough tourism is the liveblood of Siem Reap, the city remains charming and easy to get around.

4. Jaipur, India

I don’t feel I should be losing too many words here, since I’ve written a whole blog post on Jaipur (read it here). It was one of my favourite places I visited in India, mainly because of its elaborate architecture that serves as a resplendent reminder of their royal heritage. The Lonely Planet hit the spot when it wrote: ”Jaipur is the sea of palace windows.”

3. Ella, Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka hill country is one of the most beautiful areas of the tropical island. Tea, tea and some more tea. Endless tea field views are the first thing I can think of, when someone mentiones this hilland village. It’s pretty tiny if you compare it to other Asian towns, but the true beauty of this place is held in its surrounding landscape. Of course taking a train to get here is a must and an attraction in itself. You will probably end up staying longer than you had intended  to. Panoramic views such as Little Adam’s peak and Ella Rock, Nine Arch Bridge and spice gardens are just a few of the most popular things to check of your list while in Ella.

2. Hoi An, Vietnam

While Ella has its tea plantations, Hoi An is know for its colourful lanterns. It truly is a magical place that feels completely secluded from the rest of Vietnam. Peaceful music wafts from speakers and the smell of coriander from local float around each lantern-lit corner. In the evening, the town’s center is traffic free and becomes one of the most romantic towns in whole Southeast Asia. I’m pretty sure every traveler you meet that has been there, will find some similar words to describe Hoi An.

1. Ubud, Bali

Last but definitely not the least in my favourite place so far, which is located right in the heart of this beautiful island. I had a pleasure of staying here for 2 weeks. Lush green rice fields, handicrafts, healthy, spiritual living and yoga retreats, that’s what Ubud is all about. Again, I wouldn’t want to lose too many words here, as I wrote a few blog posts on Bali already. Click here if you want to find out more.

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