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Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading part 1 (Delhi) and part 2 (Agra) of my India series so far. The 3rd and the final corner of the golden triangle that we visited was Jaipur or the so-called Pink City. It is indeed pink if you really use your imagination here. As a colour determinating expert (not really) I would say the city has more of a terracotta shade to it. Jaipur, which is a capital of Rajastan is how I always imagined India to be like – a traffic choked metropolis, where you can see elephants and other animals wandering down the main road, people dressed in the brightest clothes and some of the most luxurious palaces. Because of these and many other reasons, I can also say that out of the 3, Jaipur was my favourite one.
The Pink CIty is home to some special sights, including luxurious palaces, forts and other alluring arhitecture, so I would recommend staying here for at least 2 days, if you want to do the city justice.

6 things that are worth seeing while in Jaipur

Am(b)er Fort

Amer fort or Amber Fort being the first one. I’m still quite confused about the actual name of this complex, but since it is one of the most famous landmarks that Jaipur has to offer, you won’t have problems finding it. They offer an elephant ride up the fort, which I protested against so I just took a walk. The fort itself is amazing to look at and has some of the best views. From the design of the palace with hidden corridors so the king’s 9 wives never had to cross paths, to the different bedrooms for summer and winter depending on the light – life was tough back then.

the famous entrance, jaipur
amer fort
the ceiling

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Hawa Mahal a.k.a. The Palace of the Winds

I really wish I could tell you, that the inside of the building would be as nice to look at as the outside, but there really isn’t much to it. Hawa Mahal is located in the heart of Jaipur’s old city and it used to house the royal women. If you want to get the best photo of this iconic building, climb up the roof of one of the shops/cafes across the road where the view is the best.

hawa mahal
the palace of the winds

Royal Gaitor

Royal Gaitor is one of the lesser known attractions in Jaipur, hence being abnormally quiet. You won’t really find that many tourists here and the entrance fee is just a few rupees, both of which are definitely a pluses. It is in fact a funerary complex, where many Jaipur’s rulers are buried.

royal gaitor
royal gaitor

The City Palace

The City palace is located towards the northeast side of central Jaipur and has many courtyards and buildings. The details and colour of the doors and archways here are incredible, as are some of the other pieces of architectural art on display.

the city palace
doorway jaipur

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Nahargarh Fort 

Further up in the Aravalli hills you can find Nahargarh fort overlooking the city of Jaipur. I won’t lie, that the main reason we decided to take a 30 min drive up hill was because of the photo a saw on the Instagram a while a go [insert slightly ashamed but not sorry emoji]. All things aside, the views are the definitely the main reason to visit this fort – preferably during the sunset hours.

admiring the view
the pink city

Jawahar Circle

The Jawahar Circle Garden is a unique destination for the visitors of Rajastan’s capital. The garden is honoured as the largest circular park in Asia. Sadly we did not have the time to enjoy a stroll around the park and had to content ourself with a quick glance of Patrika gate, which is one of the park’s entrances.

patrika gate
jawahar circle
jawahar circle
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